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Unique Molecule Life Cycle Platform Released: Torx® 2.0

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Torx ® Software Limited, announces the release of Torx 2.0, extending the platform’s scientific reach and capabilities to deliver unrivale seamless integration across the drug discovery Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle.

Torx is a visual, chemistry-aware, cloud-native platform. By enabling chemistry teams to design molecules, track compound synthesis from start to finish, and gain insightful analysis, Torx inspires discovery chemistry teams to work together and deliver faster. Its key features include a new holistic view of all Test requests across Biology, Physicochemical, and ADME departments that enables both visualizations of existing and scheduling of new tests for individual, sets, or all project compounds.

There is also an improved user interface for viewing and communicating CRO workload in synthetic chemistry. In addition to this, covalent docking enables a wider range of projects to benefit from integrated 3D pose generation.

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The integration with CAS SciFinder offers easy interrogation of synthetic feasibility, reagent availability, and any patentability issues. Live merging of data from multiple corporate repositories with existing molecule design data, gives medicinal chemists the complete picture for decision-making and progressing to the next DMTA cycle.

Dr. Tim Cheeseright, CEO, of Torx Software, commented: “Research chemists have the complex role of juggling multiple projects across different stages of the drug discovery cycle simultaneously. Working with disparate teams or partnering with external organizations and CROs adds further complexity and can lead to production bottlenecks and slow the whole team down.

Tim Cheeseright continued: “Torx is an unrivaled DMTA solution for managing the complete molecule life-cycle in a single platform, from ideation to synthesis, testing, and data analysis. By integrating Torx into their drug discovery programs, research chemists can work collaboratively to design, review, prioritize, and schedule all parts of the complex drug design process; and research managers can better plan, manage and track their DMTA workflows across all R&D projects.”

Dr. Toni Kline, Senior Director of Chemistry at Engine Biosciences, commented: "Torx is a powerful tool for organizing our molecule design library, especially as our group grows in size. By providing immediate, real-time access to design and synthesis information, Torx ensures that we are investing our resources in the most critical compounds.”