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Universal Controlled Laboratory Reactor Simplifies Synthesis Scale-up

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The ReactoMate "Datum" is a new compact benchtop Controlled Lab Reactor (CLR) system from Asynt that offers the flexibility to accommodate reaction vessels from 100ml to 5 litres.

Reaction vessels from Asynt, and its partner AG!, can be easily exchanged on the ReactoMate "Datum" allowing chemists to quickly change between reactor vessel sizes thereby enabling simple synthesis scale-up. A novel mounting mechanism on the stylishly designed ReactoMate "Datum" ensures excellent stability and alignment every time.

Designed to fit into a standard lab fumehood the ReactoMate "Datum" is simple to set-up, easy to use and reconfigure saving users valuable time and money. Constructed from anodized aluminium and stainless steel this new CLR system offers users the ultimate in quality, strength and reliability.

The ReactoMate "Datum" is fully compatible with all leading brands of overhead stirrers and circulator heating/cooling systems. Built to operate over a temperature range from -70ºC to +220ºC the ReactoMate "Datum" PT100 temperature probe linked directly to the heating/cooling circulator ensures accurate solution temperature control. Optional automation packages for this system are available on request from Asynt.