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Upstate Expands Offering of Kinase Assay Kits

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Serologicals Corporation has announced that Upstate Group, its wholly owned subsidiary, has expanded its KinEASE™ FP product line to include each of the 80 individual kinases that have been validated in the assay.

By offering either a fluorescein green tracer or 645 nm FarRed tracer for reduced compound interference, there are a total of 160 additions to its KinEASE™ FP activity assays.

KinEASE™ is the non-radioactive kinase assay that preserves the relevance of enzyme kinetics with a substrate turnover of less than 10 percent.

Upstate introduced the FarRed tracer in the spring of 2005 and, in keeping with its strategic goal of product enhancement and expansion, now offers the widest variety of kinase testing products available.

"This expanded capability is ideal for kinase profiling, secondary screening, HTS assays and substrate identification," said David Dodd, President and Chief Executive Officer of Serologicals.

"Upstate is committed to fueling drug discovery research by carefully selecting kinases with important biological and therapeutic relevance."