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UV Clear Bottomed Microplates

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Available from Porvair Sciences Ltd - the Krystal UV range of high specification, quartz-bottomed microplates are designed for scientists using assay chemistries which require excitation or detection in the far UV spectral region.

Precision engineered and assembled - Krystal UV plates provide consistently low background and excellent photometric accuracy down to 220nm.

Manufactured from ultra-pure grade black polystyrene - the plates exhibit very low auto fluorescence and are resistant to solvents including alcohols, DMSO and PBS.

Available in 96 well format only, Krystal UV quartz bottomed microplates are the perfect choice for high throughput determinations of nucleic acid and / or proteins concentrations at 260/280 nm.

Krystal UV quartz bottomed plates precisely conform to SBS/ANSI standards. Their high degree of planar flatness makes them ideal for use with automated plate reading and liquid handling systems.