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Waters Corporation Publishes New Intelligent Speed Columns Brochure

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For those scientists who need to address sample throughput concerns, Waters Corporation has recently published the Intelligent Speed (IS™) Columns Brochure.

This brochure features the complete line of Waters® IS columns, including the innovative chemistries of XTerra®, Symmetry®, Atlantis® and SunFire™. Based on "state-of-the-art" packing techniques and hardware, these columns are available in a wide range of stationary phase chemistries and internal diameters, use conventional HPLC systems (such as Waters Alliance® XC HPLC system) and make developing faster methods simple.

Reproducibility, excellent peak shape and long column lifetimes are assured since these columns are manufactured in cGMP, ISO 9001:9002 certified facilities.

Waters has developed the innovative 20 mm (length) IS columns to run at higher flow rates and lower backpressures without sacrificing resolution. In the past, scientists used long (150 mm - 300 mm length) columns that contained large particles in order to achieve robust separations.

This led to methods with lengthy analytical run times. To overcome this, Waters offers the new IS columns so that older methods can be easily transferred and newer methods could be developed with reduced run times and decreased backpressures. The net effect is increased sample throughput and decreased product development time.