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Wide Range of Microplate Reservoir Trays

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Porvair Sciences offers a wide range of disposable Reservoir trays designed for use with any robotic liquid handling system. Reservoirs are available offering options to accommodate a single liquid or partitioned space for several liquids. Most working configurations are accounted for as well as liquid volumes.

Moulded from high purity polypropylene each Porvair reservoir tray offers high resistance to heat as well as most organic solvents, acids and bases. When pipetting precious reagents it is a significant advantage to reduce the waste or dead volume in the reservoir.

Incorporating a low plate profile and a novel 'pyramid bottom' design Porvair reservoir trays provide easy access to all liquid contents as well as ensuring a low reagent dead volume for 96- and 384-well filling applications. The novel pyramid bottom design advantageously provides facility for both low-volume and bulk transfer.

Precision manufactured to SBS / ANSI dimensions - Porvair Reservoir trays are designed for simple integration with almost any automated liquid handling system. Options are available for a single liquid or partitioned space for several liquids.

With a wide choice of working configurations as well as liquid volumes an optimised reservoir plate is now available to suit liquid handling applications using 8 or 12-channel pipettes right through to 96- and 384-tip automated pipetting systems.

Available in sterile or non-sterile packs of 25 - Porvair reagent reservoir plates are stackable enabling conservation of storage space.