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Wyatt Launches DynaPro™ Plate Reader

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Wyatt Technology Corporation has extended the capabilities of its DynaPro™ Titan Plate Reader system to identify the optimal buffer conditions for protein purification and concentration.

Buffer optimization is of enormous commercial interest for the drug discovery process as it affects the success of High Throughput Screening and biophysical characterization studies.

Wyatt’s DynaPro™ Titan Plate Reader is designed to increase throughput and characterize the homogeneity of a protein in solution.

The DynaPro™ Titan Plate Reader is equipped with industry standard microplates (96, 384 or 1536 well plates). In the 1536 well plate mode, the amount of sample required is less than 5 microliters.

An application reveals that with the help of an optimally designed buffer screen, the DynaPro™ Titan Plate Reader is now able to identify the factors or interaction of factors important for protein homogeneity easily.

Results of the application demonstrate that the utilization of Wyatt’s DynaPro™ Plate Reader ensures data reproducibility.

In the buffer screen, the Auto Laser Power Adjust function available on the DynaPro™ plate reader provided the optimal measuring conditions for every well.

The program returned 72 different buffer conditions to be screened compared to about 400 buffers in the case when one separate factor is changed at a time.