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Zero Crosstalk Luminescence Assay Plate

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Constructed in ultra-pure grade polystyrene, the opaque white Krystal 2000 plate from Porvair Sciences Ltd. maximizes reflectivity enabling even weakly emitting luminescence assays to be routinely undertaken.

Designed for luminescence applications that require the highest levels of photometric accuracy and repeatability the Krystal 2000 white microplate (well volume - 350 microlitres) incorporates a unique clear cup design that eliminates the performance-limiting well-to-well light crosstalk inherent in most other clear bottomed microplate designs.
In addition to optimized luminescence measurements the unique design of the Krystal 2000 white plate offers improved cell binding efficiency and allows the convenience of direct measurements on bottom reading spectrophotometers and inverted microscopes.

Maintaining industry standard 96-well microplate dimensions the Krystal 2000 white microplate is fully compatible with all commercially available luminometers, multimode readers, robotic sample processors and automated liquid handling systems.