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Ziath Shares Expertise on Video Sharing Platform

Ziath Shares Expertise on Video Sharing Platform content piece image
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Ziath is launching a new YouTube channel that will house informative videos previewing the latest innovations in the field of drug discovery and bio-banking sample management for the first time as the company seeks to share its expertise and knowledge with laboratories worldwide.

As Commercial Director and YouTube Channel manager at Ziath, Steve Knight said " We intend to use the new platform to share unfiltered original content through a selection of videos showcasing our 2D-bar coded tube reading and handling equipment, which together with our SamplesTM Inventory control software, establishes new standards for best practice in compound management and bio-banking with their inherent data".

Commenting on the launch of the new channel - Neil Benn, Managing Director of Ziath said in a statement: "Customers have for some time asked us to share more of our considerable sample management expertise with them, Steve combines an easy style in front of the camera with a strong grasp of our technology in the Datamatrix 2D-bar coded tube arena and the applications they serve". He added "In stage two of our YouTube channel roll-out we also intend to offer this video content in languages other than English including French, German and Mandarin - reflecting the global nature of our business”.