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Keys displaying DNA bases.
Product News

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Collaborates With Twist Bioscience To Launch Pharmacogenomics Beta Programme and Advance Personalized Medicine

New workflow to provide unambiguous genetic results in a single assay, alleviating the need for time-consuming and costly follow-up tests.
An Automated Individual Access Roll Heat Sealer.
Product News

Optimizing Seal Quality and Manufacturing Workflows

Azenta Life Sciences has prepared an informative new video demonstrating the walkaway productivity achievable using its Automated Individual Access Roll Heat Sealer in molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and kit manufacturing applications.

Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

ERS Genomics and IRBM Sign CRISPR/Cas9 License Agreement

License agreement provides IRBM access to CRISPR gene editing technology to be applied across its drug discovery services offering.
A scientist in a lab.
Product News

Sartorius To Advance Drug Discovery and Manufacturing With AI in Collaboration With NVIDIA

Sartorius to leverage NVIDIA solutions used in live-cell imaging platforms in drug discovery and predictive design of manufacturing processes, and more.
A scientist with an assay plate.
Product News

InSphero Secures Exclusive Commercialization Partnership With Genome Biologics for 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform

InSphero AG is pleased to announce its exclusive commercialization partnership with Genome Biologics, based in Frankfurt, Germany.
An assortment of pills sitting on a target.
Product News

NEOsphere Biotechnologies Partners With Kymera Therapeutics for Novel Molecular Glue Target Discovery

NEOsphere Biotechnologies GmbH, a German biotechnology company pioneering high-throughput proteomics to systematically build broad and unique portfolios of novel degrader targets at scale, announced a collaboration with Kymera Therapeutics, Inc.