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AI-Powered Affinity Maturation Service

AI-Powered Affinity Maturation Service

Sino Biological and Ainnocence have joined forces to establish an AI-enabled platform for antibody affinity maturation. Powered by a self-evolving artificial intelligence engine, Ainnocence’s SentinusAI™ is revolutionizing affinity maturation processes. SentinusAI™ can effectively rank up to 1010 antibody sequences based on their predicted affinity towards one or more antigens within a few days. Combined with the high-throughput recombinant antibody development program at Sino Biological, top candidates can be expressed recombinantly at a lower cost and shorter lead time to generate affinity data with a high hit rate of 15%.

  • Lead time: 4 Weeks

  • Hit Rate: 15%

  • High Affinity: 103 Increase

About Sino Biological
Sino Biological is an international reagent supplier and service provider. The company specializes in recombinant protein production and antibody development. All of Sino Biological's products are independently developed and produced, including recombinant proteins, antibodies and cDNA clones.
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