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Dianthus: Take On Challenging Affinity-Based Screening

Dianthus: Take On Challenging Affinity-Based Screening

It’s not surprising that the most important drug candidates and targets are super challenging when it comes to affinity screening. Immobilization-dependent techniques like SPR, and sample-consuming ITC struggle with demanding affinity screening applications such as ternary complexes, multimeric proteins, and intrinsically disordered proteins. These are precisely the applications where Dianthus excels.

Dianthus is a plate-based, microfluidics-free screening platform that requires no surface immobilization, and measures under controlled equilibrium conditions – perfect for challenging affinity screenings. Armed with Dianthus, you have an opportunity to keep your project moving forward when your hit identification or lead optimization involves any of these molecules:

  • Binary and ternary complexes formed by PROTACs and other small molecule degraders
  • Fragment libraries
  • Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) and other aggregation-prone targets
  • Large multicomponent complexes
  • DNA-encoded libraries

Additionally, Dianthus is a great choice if you’re looking for a complementary or orthogonal technique to validate hits and leads identified by other biophysical methods.

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