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Enhance your flow chemistry system with the HotChip™ and HotCoil™ reactor modules from Uniqsis

Enhance your flow chemistry system with the HotChip™ and HotCoil™ reactor modules from Uniqsis


The HotCoil™ and the new HotChip™ reactor modules from Uniqsis provide cost-effective and easy-to-use additions to your flow chemistry system for a variety of heterogeneous and homogeneous reactions.

The HotChip™ module has the capacity to hold either two small static mixer/reactor chips for controlled turbulent mixing or one larger reactor chip for applications requiring longer residence times.

The HotCoil™ module can be fitted with a wide selection of FlowSyn™ coil reactors, from small volumes for small-scale reactions to larger volumes for scale-up experiments or longer residence times.

Both modules are based on the same high-quality components as the highly successful FlowSyn™ flow chemistry system, offering outstanding performance at an affordable price.

•    Ambient to 200⁰C, control to ±0.5⁰C
•    Accommodates two static mixer/reactor chips or one residence time reactor chip
•    Integral air cooling channel

HotCoil TM
•    Coil reactor heater: ambient to 300oC
•    Fits all FlowSyn coil reactors (available in different materials and in a wide range of sizes)

Both reactor modules have:
•    Simple ‘push-to-set’ rotary controller
•    Large bright LED display
•    Ethernet and serial communications for remote control

Mixer and reactor chips for the HotChip™ module
•    Mixer chips available with two or three inlets and volumes of 270μl, 1ml, 2ml, 10ml, 15ml or 20 ml
•    Chemically resistant borosilicate glass: capable of high pressure operation up to 40 bar
•    All fit on the HotChip™ reactor station

The two modules can enhance the capabilities of an existing FlowSyn™ or be combined with a separate pump to provide a modular flow chemistry system. Dedicated Uniqsis control software enables full manual control via a PC and provides the ability to program a single automated experiment, run saved reactions automatically and monitor experiments in real time.