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High-quality Fc Receptors

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High-quality Fc Receptors

The efficacy of a therapeutic antibody not only depends on the Fab fragment and its binding activity to the target antigen, but also depends on the Fc fragment and its interaction with key Fc receptors. The binding affinity of the Fc fragment towards FcRn (FCGRT&B2M) would predict the antibody’s half-life, while that between the Fc fragment and FcγRIIIa (CD16a) would influence the antibody’s ability to elicit ADCC (antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity). Therefore, candidates must be tested against a panel of receptors during antibody engineering.

To accelerate antibody drug development, ACROBiosystems provides a comprehensive collection of high-quality recombinant Fc receptor proteins, including FcRn, FcγR, FcεR and their common variants.


  • All the Fc Receptors are expressed by HEK293 to achieve post-translational modification and correct folding.
  • Various species: Human, Mouse, Rat, Cynomolgus, Rhesus macaque, Bovine, etc.
  • High purity: more than 95% as verified by SDS-PAGE and more than 90% as verified by SEC-MALS.
  • Affinity verified by SPR&BLI and protocols offered for free.
  • High batch consistency verified by SPR.

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