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INTEGRA Introduces Its Portable 96-Channel Pipette at the Most Affordable Price

INTEGRA Introduces Its Portable 96-Channel Pipette at the Most Affordable Price

INTEGRA Biosciences has launched the MINI 96 portable electronic pipette, giving every lab access to significantly increased liquid handling productivity. This ultra-compact and portable system is the most affordable electronic 96 channel pipette on the market and available in four liquid volume ranges – 0.5-12.5 µl, 5-125 µl, 10-300 µl and 50-1250 µl –, offering improved productivity for virtually any microplate-based liquid handling task.

The extremely lightweight and efficient MINI 96 is designed to offer the versatility of a handheld pipette in a high throughput system. Weighing under 10 kg, with integrated carrying handles, the system is easy to transport and incorporate into any stage of a workflow. Electronic tip loading and ejection together with the motor-driven pipetting make the MINI 96 ideal for repetitive liquid handling tasks. A range of modes, including mixing and repeat dispense functions, improve the reproducibility of pipetting tasks while eliminating the burden of repetitive strain. The system is customizable with an optional Two Position Stage which allows for partial plate filling, such as half plates or single columns for serial dilutions.

This easy-to-use 96 channel pipette promises to offer the same simplicity as a single channel electronic pipette. With a large touchscreen user interface and simple on-screen tutorials, the system intuitively guides new users through a range of pipetting tasks, without the need for additional training, to maximize throughput and productivity.

Visit the INTEGRA Biosciences website to learn more.

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Since 1965, INTEGRA has been dedicated to developing liquid handling solutions, fulfilling the needs of customers in research, diagnostics and quality control. It is their passion to work side by side with their customers to understand their problems and meet their needs with innovative products.
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