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Mercury Microarrayers: pL-nL Inkjet Liquid Handling

Mercury Microarrayers: pL-nL Inkjet Liquid Handling

Harnessing 20 years of experience, Arrayjet's microarray spotters are the fastest ultra low-volume dispensers on the market. With patented inkjet microarray technology, they can print any type of biological sample onto any substrate, up to 10 times faster than the closest alternative.  

Robust Inkjet Printing 

Mercury instruments are equipped with a piezoelectric inkjet printhead for rapid, precise, high-density printing. A 384-well plate can be printed in triplicate onto 100 microarray slides in 40 minutes, including cleaning steps.  

Low-Waste Sample Loading 

Samples are loaded into the base of the printhead using a JetSpyder™, our patented aspiration device, which detaches from the printhead before printing. The aspiration device is designed to reach the bottom of the sample wells and minimize waste. 

Scalable Slide & Substrate Handling 

Our systems accommodate 96-,384-, and 1536-well source plates, and can print onto microscope slides, microplates, and custom substrates. In high-capacity models, stacking systems manage sample plates and substrates. The modular design means Mercury instruments are upgradeable to scale with your needs - up to the largest batch sizes on the market.  

Real-Time Optical Quality Assurance 

With our patented Iris™ technology, dual cameras attached to the printhead take images of every spot within 300 ms of deposition, analyzing the image and automatically reprinting if required, providing quality assurance in real-time so you never miss a spot. 


Tight Temperature & Humidity Controls 

Sample handling and printing take place in a contained HEPA-filtered environment. Our powerful system offers tight, traceable control of humidity and temperature to keep your arrays reproducible and samples safe.

Advanced & Intuitive Software 

Mercury Command™ software allows you to manage print layouts, track samples, manage data, and view operational records. The Mercury Command™ Pro upgrade includes advanced features for sample tracking and substrate quality control, as well as automatic spot reprint, remote notifications, and cloud data services. 

Product Specifications
Input Capacity 1 – 48 microplates in one batch
Output Capacity 25-1000 microscope slides (5-200 microplates) in one batch
Sample Handling 12- or 32- sample low-volume aspirator. 12 or 32 samples are printed in parallel.
Print Speed Printhead moves at 0.35 m/s, depositing 700+ unique features per second.
Dispensing Volume 40 pL – 10 nL
Feature Size 50 µm – 1mm
Environmental Control 15-25 ºC operating range (4 ºC with optional upgrade)
Dimensions H 1760 mm x W 1560 mm x D 860 mm
About Arrayjet
Arrayjet is a leading microarray company that provides solutions to researchers and development groups across academia, biotechnology, pharma and diagnostics. Their patented inkjet platform combines the fastest and most reliable bioprinting instruments with the versatility to print any biological sample type onto any solid substrate.
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