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Transcreener ADP² Kinase Assay

Transcreener ADP² Kinase Assay

Transcreener ADP² Kinase Assay

Transcreener ADP² Kinase Assay

Biochemical kinase assay kits from BellBrook Labs provide a simple tool for measuring kinase activity in a high throughput format. Kinase enzymes transfer phosphate groups from ATP to a substrate leaving ADP and phosphorylated product. As a universal kinase activity assay, the Transcreener platform relies on direct detection of ADP with a specific antibody to measure enzyme kinetics. Direct detection eliminates complex coupling steps that cause compound interference and add time to screens. Three fluorescent detection modes are available. Choose the one that best suits your drug discovery needs.

Use With Your Current Fluorescent Plate Reader

FP - Fluorescent Polarization

FI - Fluorescent Intensity

TR-FRET - Time-Resolved Förster-Resonance-Energy-Transfer


Screen for small molecule activators and inhibitors

Determine accurate IC50s

Measure residence times of lead molecules

Use for selectivity profiling

Determine enzymatic activity

Use With Any Kinase or Substrate

Protein Kinases

Lipid Kinases

Carbohydrate Kinases

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