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Azenta Life Sciences is committed to helping customers reach new heights in their pursuit of scientific progress. Their enterprise-wide sample exploration and management solutions will accelerate discovery, development and delivery, with greater speed and precision. Azenta Life Sciences strive to keep elevating each other, their customers’ work and their industry – building a healthier world for people everywhere.

Latest Azenta Life Sciences Content

The GENEWIZ Oxford Genomics Lab.
Product News

New NGS Laboratory Opens Its Doors for Genomics Researchers

Azenta Life Sciences will officially open its new GENEWIZ Multiomics and Synthesis Solutions laboratory in Oxford, UK in March 2024.
Scientist behind a screen.
Product News

Azenta Launches the BioArc™ Ultra, a Breakthrough, Automated Solution for Efficient, Eco-Friendly Ultracold Sample Management

A cutting-edge, high-density, energy efficient -80°C automated sample storage system.
 Ultra Optically Clear assay plates.
Product News

UV-Clear Microplates for DNA Purity Checking

Ultra Optically Clear assay plates from Azenta Life Sciences provide high optical transmission in the UV waveband, making them ideal for labs tasked with DNA purity measurements performed at 260 / 280nm.
Four cryogenic vials in a green storage rack.

Cell Therapies on Ice: Seven Trends in Cryopreservation To Enable Cell and Gene Therapy Research

Explore the prevailing trends shaping advanced cryopreservation practices, including seven key trends that underpin effective cryopreservation and biosample management as an essential element in supporting research and cell and gene therapy.
A purple PCR plate.
Product News

Coloured 96-Well Skirted PCR Plates

Azenta Life Sciences popular FrameStar® 96-well Skirted PCR plate is now available in a wide range of colours (purple, blue, clear, green, red, black, and white) to enable easy visual identification in multi-user labs.
Two scientists in lab coats standing in front of sequencing machines in a lab.
Product News

New State-of-the-Art Genomic Services Facility Opening in the UK

Azenta Life Sciences has selected Oxford, UK, a key European life sciences hub, as the location for its next GENEWIZ Multiomics and Synthesis Solutions site. The site will feature a new state-of-the-art genomics lab scheduled to open in early 2024.
Tri-coded 1.6ml Maximum Recovery tube.
Product News

Automation Optimised Maximum Sample Recovery Tube

Featuring a novel design, the new tri-coded 1.6ml Maximum Recovery tube from Azenta Life Sciences is ideally suited for automated workflows using liquid handling, where more sample can be retrieved due to the unique shaped bottom.
A screenshot from the the software app.
Product News

Remote Sample Management Unchains Scientists From Their Lab Bench

Using high-speed, web-based communications protocols - DP5 Network rack decoding software from Ziath can be run from a laptop, desktop, phone, or any other network connected device.
IntelliXcap Semi-Automated Handheld Screw Cap Decapper.
Product News

Streamlining Biospecimen Sample Management

Azenta Life Sciences latest exciting products for biospecimen sample management will be on show at ISBER 2023 in Granada, Spain.
The Cap2 PCR tube.
Product News

Dual-Cap Sample Collection Tube for Genetic Testing Workflows

Azenta Life Sciences has launched Cap2TM - a new 0.2ml PCR microcentrifuge tube featuring a novel dual-cap design with both hinged lid and screw cap to preserve the integrity of samples used in genetic testing workflows.