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Drug Kinetics – News and Features

Two researchers in a lab.

New Polymer May Be Key to More Energy-Efficient Buildings

University of Texas at Dallas researchers and their collaborators are developing a quick-drying polymeric desiccant that could dehumidify buildings using at least 30% less energy than conventional air-conditioning systems.
A person pouring a bottle of pills into their hand.

Model Identifies Potential Drug Combinations To Avoid

A new model has been designed to identify drugs that should not be prescribed together. It has already identified common drugs – an antibiotic and a blood thinner – that may interfere with each other.
Cancer cells.

Inhalable Lung Cancer Therapy Shows Promise in Animal Study

Columbia Biomedical Engineer Ke Cheng has developed a technique that uses inhalation of exosomes, or nanobubbles, to directly deliver IL-12 mRNA to the lungs of mice.
An enamel heart-shaped pride badge pinned on a doctor's coat

Look Under the Scope – LGBT+ History Month

The theme for LGBT+ History Month this year is Medicine – #UnderTheScope, celebrating the contribution of LGBT+ individuals to medicine and healthcare. Here, we explore key figures often passed over when recounting significant contributions to medicine.
Cannabis leaves.

Cannabis Extract Slows Melanoma Growth in Study

A cannabis extract has shown positive results in slowing down melanoma cell growth and increasing cell death rates, a new in-vitro study finds.
Red and white and blue and white capsule drugs.
Industry Insight

Sourcing Chemistry From Inside Humans

In this interview, Dr. Jason Park, co-founder and CEO of Empress Therapeutics, tells us more about the Chemilogics platform and the benefits this approach to drug discovery can offer.
An elderly couple looking out to sea.

Cancer Drug Could Open Doors to New Parkinson’s Treatment

A study has shown that Rucaparib and its main metabolite M324 exhibit differential activities. The paper has analyzed Rucaparib and M324, making a computational prediction of the metabolite’s activity.
A small bandage.

Nanofiber Bandages Fight Infection, Speed Healing

An interdisciplinary team of researchers has identified an innovative way to harness the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the botanical compound lawsone to make nanofiber-coated cotton bandages that fight infection.
Increasing the pore size of this chromium-containing MOF improved its ability to carry and deliver two common drugs: ibuprofen and 5-fluorouracil. Credit: Fateme Rezaei

Acid-Treated Polymers Are Superior Stores for Drug Delivery

After the twists and turns of discovering a drug molecule, pharma companies still face a mighty challenge: delivering their candidate drugs to the area of the body where they are needed.
A 3D model of a human brain.

Tackling Protein Aggregation in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Diabetes

Purdue researchers have created molecular compounds to inhibit protein aggregation linked with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Type 2 diabetes.