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Exosomes – News and Features

Cardiac muscle cells derived from cardiac fibroblasts.

Reverting Adult Cardiac Fibroblasts to Their Neonatal Phenotype Improves Reprogramming Efficacy

A recent study using mice has revealed a way to turn back the clock after heart attack. The researchers behind the work used RNAs to instruct cells in an injured heart to eliminate scar tissue and recreate cardiac muscle, allowing the heart to function like new again.
Blue cells, with a zoomed-in image showing how the nuclear membrane interacts with another cell.

How Brain Cells Shuttle Materials Through Neuronal Borders

For the first time, researcher have reported how a specific type of brain cells –oligodendrocyte-lineage cells – transfer material to neuronal cells.
A human T cell.

Extracellular Vesicles Boost T-Cell Response to Infection

Research shows that extracellular vesicles play an important part in the stimulation of T cells.
A brain and a tumor under the words "Applications of Liquid Biopsy"

Applications of Liquid Biopsy in Cancer and Beyond

Liquid biopsies are becoming an increasingly important tool for the early detection, prognosis and monitoring of treatment outcomes in cancer, and hold the promise of transforming the management of other diseases in the future.

A person standing on a digital weighing scale.

Researchers Suggest Explanation for Postmenopausal Weight Gain

New research has found that a reduction in estrogen receptors in the heart results in obesity in female mice, but not male mice – findings that may provide important health insights for postmenopausal women.
An image indicating what can be detected using liquid biopsy.

Liquid Biopsy Test: Protocol and Steps

In this article, we explore some of the advanced molecular techniques that are most used for detecting the main biomarkers involved in liquid biopsy.

A diagram showing a liquid biopsy's targets.

What Is a Liquid Biopsy?

In this article, we explore the basics behind liquid biopsy, a test that has revolutionized diagnostics for cancer and other conditions.
A selection of urine samples displayed in test tubes.

A Simple Urine Test Could Detect Brain Tumors

Researchers in Japan have developed a new device to identify proteins – which are diagnostic biomarkers of brain cancer – in urine. The study is published in ACS Nano.
A gloved hand holds two blood test tubes.

New Blood Test Detects and Profiles Prostate Cancers

A nanotechnology-based "liquid biopsy" has been shown to detect and profile prostate cancers, even when tiny amounts are present.
A strand of RNA.

New mRNA Delivery Method Using Extracellular Vesicles

A novel method of delivering mRNA using extracellular vesicles has been developed that could overcome many of the hurdles faced by other promising mRNA therapies.