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Flow Cytometry – Products

GMP Grade Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy

High-Quality GMP Grade Products for Cell and Gene Therapy

Consistent GMP-grade products are crucial as key raw materials for safe and reliable cell and Gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing. We adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines to provide high-quality GMP biomaterials for various CGT applications.
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Quantifying and Detecting Cytokines

Cytokine detection is an essential assay throughout the drug development process, especially in cell therapies. The measurement of cytokine levels and soluble receptors is commonly used across the therapeutic development cycle to monitor and evaluate immune or cellular response. Through ELISA or flow cytometry, our products are designed to help you quickly cytokine secretion.
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Empowering CRISPR With Innovative Single-Cell Isolation

This whitepaper explores the advantages of a novel cell sorting and dispensing platform – which combines microfluidics, flow cytometry and liquid dispensing – that can help researchers get to their optimal clones more efficiently.
Three vials of Starbright dyes.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches Three StarBright Red Dyes and Expands Range of Antibody Markers Conjugated to StarBright Violet

Bio-Rad’s range of Starbright dyes conjugated to highly validated antibodies now totals 32 dyes, providing greater choice and flexibility for conventional and full-spectrum flow cytometry in immunology research.
Group of cells on a blue background.
Product News

Agilent Announces the NovoCyte Opteon, a Cutting-Edge Spectral Flow Cytometry Solution

Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the NovoCyte Opteon Spectral Flow Cytometer, propelling flow cytometry into a new era of and accessibility.
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Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Revolutionizes Nanoparticle Analysis With Launch of CytoFLEX Nano Flow Cytometer

Instrument Breaks the Boundaries of EV Detection, Providing Access to New Data Points.

Cyto-Mine®: Single Cell Analysis and Monoclonality Assurance System

Cyto-Mine® can simplify and accelerate your day-to-day operations in cell line development, antibody discovery, and beyond. It’s powered by our picodroplet technology to screen and analyze millions of individual cells and isolate those rare ‘hits’ with monoclonality assured. And all in a single, integrated platform with minimal ‘hands-on’ time.
Two blood samples.
Product News

PlaqueTec and the Babraham Institute Collaborate on Phenotypic Screen of Coronary Artery Blood

The project aims to investigate cell types present in coronary artery samples from patients with CAD participating in PlaqueTec’s BIOPATTERN trial. The Assay will be available as a service in the Babraham Institute’s Flow Cytometry Facility.
An antibody attacking a viral protein.
Product News

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Achieves Industry-First With Commercial Release of Anti-TRBC2 Conjugated Antibody for Flow Cytometry

New advancement builds on 25-year commitment to T-Cell research.
Product News

FDA Clears Beckman Coulter Life Sciences AQUIOS STEM System for Stem Cell Analysis

Innovation provides United States with first workflow update in 25 years.