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High-Throughput Screening – News and Features

Representation of cells.
Industry Insight

Maximizing Cell Line Productivity and Efficiency

In this interview, Dr. Tabitha Bullock tells us about some of the key considerations in cell line development and how advances in technology are improving the efficiency and productivity of cell lines.
Oil droplets.

High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry Platform Enables In Situ Screening of Fatty Acid-Producing Strains

A high-throughput mass spectrometry platform has enabled the in situ screening of fatty acids, showing it to be an efficient tool for fatty acid biomanufacturing.
A strand of silver-gray colored DNA.

Genome’s “Master” Regulator Could Be Used To Enhance T-Cell Therapy

A single master regulator of the genome can be used to reprogram a network of thousands of genes in T cells and greatly enhance cancer cell killing.
Droplets of liquid falling from pipette tips into a multiwell plate.

Extracting Meaningful Data With High-Throughput Drug Discovery Approaches

This article focuses on the use of high-throughput screening approaches in drug discovery and discusses the latest developments in this area.
Brown wheat field.

Yeast Accelerates the Discovery of Medicinal Compounds From Plants

Cornell researchers have harnessed the power of baker’s yeast to create a cost-effective and highly efficient approach for unraveling how plants synthesize medicinal compounds.
A researcher holds up a vial of liquid containing a strand of DNA.

Advances in Biopharmaceutical Analysis

Biopharmaceuticals require careful analysis during research, development and manufacturing. In this article, we highlight some of the analytical techniques employed in biopharmaceutical analysis, and how the field is evolving to meet new challenges.
Confocal image of a CHOOSE (CRISPR-human organoids-scRNA-seq) human brain.

How Human Brain Organoids Are Uncovering the Cause of Autism

With a revolutionizing novel system that combines brain organoid technology and intricate genetics, researchers can now comprehensively test the effect of multiple mutations in parallel and at a single-cell level within human brain organoids.
DNA double helix scribbles.

The Potential for Groundbreaking Discoveries With CRISPR Screening

In this article, we consider various platforms to modulate gene expression and the potential of CRISPR-Cas systems to understand and treat diseases, from cancers and congenital disorders to overcoming the growing prevalence of antimicrobial resistance.
Four types of medicinal tablets.

Drug Screening Helps Identify Effective Therapeutic Strategies for Pediatric Cancer

In a landmark study of 125 Australian children with high-risk cancer, researchers have found that they can improve the chances of finding the right drug to kill their individual cancer through a new system of rapid drug screening.
Computer-generated image of nerve cells.

Mouse Study Raises Possibility of ALS Immunotherapy Treatment

Researchers have modulated a protein related to the immune system to slow the progress of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in mice.