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Microbiomes – News and Features

A forensic scientist observes a crime scene.

Universal Microbial Network Breaks Down Human Flesh

Technology Networks spoke to the research team behind the discovery of a network of microbes that appear to drive the decomposition of animal flesh to learn more about how the finding could help in modulating decomposition processes.
Three bottles of milk on a doorstep.

A Microbe and Prebiotic Concoction Stifles Allergic Reactions to Milk

Combining a microbe and a prebiotic encourages the production of an important metabolite for gut health, stifling allergic responses to cow's milk, reveals new study.
Gut bacteria.

Gut Health Predicts Serious Infections

The composition of the intestinal flora can predict the chances of developing serious infections such as pneumonia. Researchers from Amsterdam UMC and the University of Turku, Finland, followed more than 10,000 people for 6 years.
Toy letters spelling out autism

People With Autism Are Missing Key Microbial Protectors

Missing microbes that protect the gut may promote behaviors reminiscent of the social impairments associated with autism. Replacing these microbes could alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms and the behavioral changes they provoke.
Roast chicken.

High-Protein Diet Leads to Weight Loss in Mice

New research has illustrated that a high-protein diet can result in weight loss and changes to the gut microbiome in mice.
A tray of junk food.

Study Links High-Fat Diet to Increased Anxiety

When we’re stressed out, many of us turn to junk food for solace. But new CU Boulder research suggests this strategy may backfire. The study found that in animals, a high-fat diet disrupts resident gut bacteria.
White outline of a human liver and blood vessels on a woman wearing a grey t-shirt.

A Reflection on Global Fatty Liver Day 2024: How Organ-on-a-Chip Addresses R&D Challenges

To commemorate Global Fatty Liver Day, this article explores how organ-on-a-chip models are transforming liver disease research.
A father with his son sitting on his shoulders.

Fathers' Influence on Newborn Gut Microbiota

A recent study indicates that fathers play a role in shaping the microbial composition of a newborn’s gut. The paper also investigated the use of maternal fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) in aiding colonization in babies.
A Klebseilla bacterium interacting with another cell.

Bacteria in the Human Microbiome Help Counter Salmonella Infections

Researchers have identified two mechanisms by which Klebsiella bacteria can combat the spread of Salmonella in the gut.
A 3D model of human lungs.

Distinct Bacterial Communities Identified in Patients With Cystic Fibrosis

Chronic lung diseases are often accelerated and exacerbated by polymicrobial infections. An international study team led by MedUni Vienna has identified two types of these so-called dysbioses in cystic fibrosis.