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Pesticides – Multimedia

A river split into two streams with scientists working along the edges.

Enhance Effficency With Automated Micro-SPE

This infographic explores how μSPE provides efficient cleanup for pesticide analysis.
Some food samples sat in dishes on top of graph results
App Note / Case Study

Enhancing Food Safety With GC-MS/MS

This case study discusses how to address these problems with a simple GC-MS/MS workflow that enhances instrument uptime and sensitivity while being easy to maintain.
A scientist taking a water sample from natural water
App Note / Case Study

Improve Your Environmental Analysis With a Single GC-MS/MS Workflow

This application showcases a simple GC-MS/MS workflow that can be used to analyze different environmental contaminants and can help environmental laboratories to maximize efficiency, productivity and revenue.
k Tractor working in field
How To Guide

Your Guide to GC-MS/MS Pesticide Residue Analysis

This guide provides methods, best practices and troubleshooting tips for robust GC-MS/MS multiresidue pesticide analysis and maintaining quality control standards in environmental testing.
Baby Spinach
App Note / Case Study

Rapid Multiresidue Pesticide Detection in Food

This application note describes an optimized technique for high-throughput screening and analytical precision and reliability.
Black tea red tea and mint tea with copper teapot and herbs on blue wood background
App Note / Case Study

Advanced Quantification of Pesticides in Black Tea

This application note addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive workflow using advanced analytical techniques for the quantitation of pesticides in black tea.
A screenshot from the infographic showing a person in PPE placing a beaker in a water source.

Emerging Contaminants in Water: Type and Testing

Water, water, everywhere, and every drop tested via a mass spectrometer. Such is the dream of many a water analyst.
TMI10 Text

Analyzing the Unanalyzable: Breakthrough in Complex Samples with LC/MS/MS

In our latest Teach Me in 10 episode we are joined by Derek Mattern, Subject Matter Expert at PerkinElmer.
TMi10 Image

Never Vent Your GCMS and Reduce Preventative Maintenance Time From Hours to Minutes

This episode discusses GCMS in environmental labs, the need for routine maintenance, and how Thermo Fisher's NeverVent technology streamlines maintenance, saving time and increasing sample processing capacity.
Overhead shot of the center of an aloe vera plant looking down into the leaf base.

Discarded Aloe Peels Could Be a Sustainable, Natural Insecticide

Scientists report that aloe peels, often discarded as agricultural waste, can ward off bugs, acting as a natural insecticide. They have identified several bioactive compounds in extracts from the peels that deter insects from feasting on crops.