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Pharmacovigilance – News and Features

A man walking into an archway with clouds around him.

Scientists Discover What’s Happening Inside a Sleepwalker’s Brain

Many adults will experience at least one episode of sleepwalking in their lives, but what is happening inside the brain during these episodes is yet to be uncovered. Researchers have offered insight into this sleep behavior in their recent study.
A fork wrapped in a tape measure.

Weight Loss Drug Tested in Mice May Be More Effective Than Existing Medicines

A recent paper in Nature describes a promising new therapy for obesity that leads to greater weight loss in mice than existing medications. The approach smuggles molecules into the brain's appetite centre and affects the brain's neuroplasticity.
A scientist holding up a vial containing an image of a DNA double helix.

Top Trends Shaping Pharma in 2024: AI, Gene Editing, Biosimilars and Real-World Data

From AI's transformative role in drug discovery and CRISPR breakthroughs to the rise of biosimilars and real-world data. Learn how these innovations are reshaping pharma and driving progress in 2024.
A bag of medication on a drip stand.

Immunotherapy Before and After Surgery Improves Lung Cancer Outcomes

New research indicates immunotherapy given before and after surgery can significantly improve outcomes in non-small lung cancer.
Cancer cells.

Blood Proteins Could Give Cancer Warning Seven Years Before Diagnosis

Proteins linked to cancer can start appearing in people’s blood more than seven years before they’re diagnosed, our funded researchers have found.
An old woman rests her hands in her lap.

Immunotherapy Could Be Used To Boost the Immune System of Older Individuals

Immunotherapy could be used to enhance immune responses in older people, making them less vulnerable to infections, reports a new study.
A close of on an individuals feet while standing on weighing scales.

Semaglutide Could Offer Long-Term Weight Loss and Cardiovascular Protection Effects

In the longest clinical trial yet of semaglutide, a prescription drug sold under the brand names Wegovy and Ozempic, researchers analyzed the drug's long-term weight loss effects.
B cells.

Midnolin Depletion Shows Promise in Cancer Treatment

By completely or even partially depleting a protein called midnolin in B cells, UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers suppressed leukemia and lymphoma in a mouse model genetically prone to these cancers.
Microscopic imaging of blood vessels.

Blood Vessel Protein Linked to Drug-Resistant Cancer

Researchers clarify the role of an elusive angiocrine factor in the tumor microenvironment and its effect on cancer stem cells. Further research will serve as a stepping stone to effective therapies for drug-resistant cancer.
A researcher collects water from a pond using a conical flask.

Water Analysis: A Pollution Solution?

Water represents a means to hydrate, wash, cook, clean and even to dispose of waste, but these activities are not without consequences. This article will discuss current areas of concern in water quality analysis and highlight some of the key techniques in detection and remediation efforts.