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Pharmacovigilance – Products

A frozen Eppendorf tube held with tweezers.
Product News

Modelling Enables Breakthroughs in Neuromuscular Disease Research

A team of scientists have developed a protocol for the fabrication of a 3D microfluidic neuromuscular platform that can be used to model Motor Neuron Diseases (MND’s).
Product News

Lonza Further Extends Collaboration With Major Biopharmaceutical Partner for Manufacturing Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Extended long-term collaboration to provide significant additional bioconjugation capacity for commercialization of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for use against hard-to-treat cancers.
Seahorse XF MitoTox Assay Kit, mitochondrial toxicity, drug discovery, toxicity assessment, toxicology research, drug safety

Seahorse XF MitoTox Assay Kit for Mitochondrial Toxicity and Drug Safety Evaluation

The Agilent Seahorse XF MitoTox assay kit allows for the direct functional measurements of mitochondrial oxygen consumption rates (OCR) and identification of drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity in drug safety evaluation studies
AI written on a computer chip.
Product News

New Cell & Gene Therapy Solutions From Form Bio Analyze Billions of Potential Construct Candidates

Form Bio, announced capabilities for cell and gene therapy companies to rapidly model billions of potential construct candidates.
Drug molecules.
Product News

Kuano Raises £1.8M in Seed Funding to Accelerate Quantum Drug Discovery

Kuano, announced the close of its £1.8M seed funding round. The investment will facilitate further validation of Kuano’s quantum simulation platform for the design of more effective drug candidates targeting enzymes.
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Product News

Novartis Kisqali® Reduced the Risk of Cancer Recurrence While Maintaining Quality of Life

Novartis presents new patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data from the Phase III NATALEE trial at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Virtual Plenary.
Drug Conjugates

Antibody–Drug Conjugates: A Novel Paradigm for Cancer Therapy

This whitepaper highlights the key molecular components of ADCs and the challenges and opportunities for their future development.
Vaccine Development

Influenza Vaccine Development and Production Solutions

Learn more about influenza vaccine solutions!
Lab-on-a-chip plate technology for screening minute amounts of cancerous tissue.
Product News

Lab-on-Chip Technology for Screening Live Tumor

ScreenIn3D reports on how their proprietary lab-on-a-chip technology is enabling cancer researchers to miniaturize their testing of biopsy tissue samples across a wide range of modalities and to test both single and combination drug therapies.
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Product News

RemeGen's Telitacicept Shows Significant Promise in Phase II Trial for Primary Sjogren's Syndrome

RemeGen Co., Ltd. announced that their Phase II clinical study of telitacicept for the treatment of Primary Sjögren's Syndromein adults has been published.