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The COVID-19 Pandemic – News and Features

A foggy bridge.

Researchers Discover Cause of “Brain Fog” Linked to Long COVID

A team of scientists from Trinity College Dublin and investigators from FutureNeuro announced a major discovery that has profound importance for our understanding of brain fog and cognitive decline seen in some patients with Long COVID.
A woman sat alone on a chair looking out a window.

High Levels of Inflammatory Protein Linked to Long COVID

SARS-CoV-2 triggers the production of the antiviral protein IFN-γ, which is associated with fatigue, muscle ache and depression. New research shows that in Long COVID patients, IFN-y production persists until symptoms improve.
Cancer cells.

Innovative Biosensor Detects Skin Cancer

Researchers have developed a revolutionary biosensor using terahertz (THz) waves that can detect skin cancer with exceptional sensitivity, potentially paving the way for earlier and easier diagnoses.
HIV attacking a human cell.

Fighting HIV With RNA

Researchers have developed a novel nanomedicine loaded with genetic material called small interfering RNAs (siRNA) to fight human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) using gene therapy.
Small pink clusters of bacteria surround a coin.

How Do Bacteria Survive a Viral Epidemic?

Bacterial cells need social distancing to thwart viruses. But when they can't distance themselves, they can employ a genetic mechanism to protect themselves from disease.
A person looks down from space towards the Earth.

The Next Chapter of Science

Join us as we explore how innovation, ethics and even aesthetics look set to influence the landscape of life science research, creating new possibilities for treating human diseases, feeding our growing population and nurturing the scientists of the future.
Transmission electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles (orange) within endosomes of a heavily infected nasal Olfactory Epithelial Cell.

COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy Protects Infants for Six Months

Women who receive an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccination or booster during pregnancy can provide their infants with strong protection against symptomatic COVID-19 infection for at least six months after birth, according to a study.
Someone holding their smartphone.

AI Finds 15% of Americans Are Climate Change Deniers

Using social media data and artificial intelligence in a comprehensive national assessment, a new University of Michigan study reveals that nearly 15% of Americans deny that climate change is real.
Vaccine vials.

Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise Against Birth Defect-Causing Virus

An experimental mRNA vaccine against human cytomegalovirus (CMV), a common virus that can infect babies during pregnancy, elicited some of the most promising immune responses to date of any CMV vaccine candidate.
Whale fins poking out of blue water.

Beaked Whales Have a "Cultural Tradition"

A new study reveals surprising information about the Baird's beaked whale species – they have a "cultural tradition" of using shallow water to hunt fish.