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Therapeutic Antibodies – Products

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Product News

Lonza Delivers Solid 2023 Performance With 10.9% Cer Sales Growth and 29.8% Core EBITDA Margin

Lonza has reported sales of CHF 6.7 billion, sales growth of 7.9% AER2 (10.9%1 CER), and CHF 2 billion CORE EBITDA, resulting in a margin of 29.8%.

Automated Epitope Binning in a Single Assay

Binding affinity is a significant factor to consider. However, relying solely on affinity can be problematic, as the highest affinity mAbs may not exhibit optimal activity. To ensure the best lead candidates, it is crucial to consider factors like specificity, selectivity and biological relevance.
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Product News

Lonza Announces New Filling Line for Commercial Supply of Antibody-Drug Conjugates for a Dedicated Customer

Lonza, announced the extension of a collaboration with a major biopharmaceutical partner for the commercial-scale filling of ADCs.
Product News

Lonza Further Extends Collaboration With Major Biopharmaceutical Partner for Manufacturing Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Extended long-term collaboration to provide significant additional bioconjugation capacity for commercialization of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for use against hard-to-treat cancers.
Comprehensive Solutions for In Vitro Efficacy Evaluation

Comprehensive Solutions for In Vitro Efficacy Evaluation

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Drug Conjugates

Antibody–Drug Conjugates: A Novel Paradigm for Cancer Therapy

This whitepaper highlights the key molecular components of ADCs and the challenges and opportunities for their future development.
Therapeutic Antibodies

A Translational Perspective – Biacore Systems in Discovery and Early-Stage Development

For a smooth molecule journey from benchtop to clinic you need to make the most informed candidate selection and reduce the risk of failure and complications during development. Our BiacoreTM systems support informed decision-making during the lead candidate selection process. Its technology delivers valuable insights into developability such as manufacturability and safety.
Antibody Aggregates
App Note / Case Study

Efficient Removal of Aggregates From Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibody (mAb)–based therapeutics have been very successful in treating various diseases, including cancer. The manufacturing of these therapeutic antibodies is a complex operation with low levels of aggregates being a critical quality attribute of the final product, as this will impact the biological activity.
Human cells.
Product News

Lonza Launches TheraPRO® CHO Media System to Improve Productivity and Quality in Therapeutic Protein Manufacture

Lonza has launched the TheraPRO® CHO Media System, a new cell culture platform that simplifies processes and optimizes productivity and protein quality when used with GS-CHO cell lines.
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Product News

Tillotts Pharma and TVM Capital Life Science Announce Formation of Mage Biologics to Develop Innovative Oral Antibody Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis

TVM Capital Life Science, together with specialty pharma company, Tillotts Pharma has announced that the companies will jointly invest up to USD 28 million in the newly formed U.S.-based biotechnology company, Mage Biologics Inc.