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Testimonial: Use of Rotavapors for Drug Discovery and Formulation in Academic Research

Dr. Fabiana Quaglia, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at the Faculty of Pharmacy–University of Napoli Federico II, Italy discusses how reliability and smart features of the rotary evaporator, Rotavapor® R-300, let her easily evaporate solvents in particle production for cancer and cystic fibrosis drug development and formulation. Diletta Esposito, one of her PhD students, shares her experience of using the Rotavapor® in her research on natural product delivery through particle technology. Unique features such as a centralized interface, various condensers, Combi-clip system for flask attachment, foam detector sensors, automated distillations and remote monitoring of process parameters enable the scientists to fully focus on their research while fully trusting the quality control of their final products. The convenient features of the system also allow Dr. Quaglia to let her students use the equipment with minimal training.