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Latest Upcoming Webinars & Online Events


Ask Me Anything: Genetic Analysis in Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies harness the power of cells or genetic material to treat, cure or prevent diseases. These cutting-edge therapeutics have the potential to revolutionize medical treatments, especially for conditions that were previously thought to be incurable, including genetic disorders, cancer and degenerative conditions.

Discover How Raw Materials Identification Testing Should Be

Raw materials identification (RMID) is a crucial regulatory step required before drug manufacturing. Raman spectroscopy is well-suited to making the process simpler, yet some spectrometers are challenged by light-blocking containers or struggle to reach compliance standards.

Information-Rich Drug Discovery Enabled by Next-Generation Multiplexing SPR

In this webinar, you’ll discover how SPR can be multiplexed and automated to enable high-throughput, data-rich drug candidate screening against multiple target proteins.

Accelerating the Screening of Seized Drugs With Chromatography-Free Workflows

Attend this webinar to discover how direct analysis in real time (DART), in combination with high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), allows the generation of reliable analytical results much faster and easier than alternative techniques.
Thermo Covid

Viruses Circulating in the 2023–2024 Flu Season: What Have We Seen?

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the spread of respiratory pathogens, but their circulation is now returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Enhanced Hit Quality in High-Throughput Protein–Ligand Interaction Screening

Using data from a recent study, our expert speaker will demonstrate how the new readout platform improves ligand hit quality, and how TIMS offers potential for an expanded scope of AS-MS assays.
RedShift Bio Webinar

Pushing Boundaries in Nutrition: Characterization of Recombinant Lactoferrin for Human Consumption

High concentrations of human lactoferrin (hLF) in human milk offer health benefits for infants and adults, including nourishment and growth support.
Recombinant hLF (rhLF) has been expressed in yeast at an industrial scale, with the aim of making it affordable and accessible as a supplement.
This webinar takes a deep dive into how rhLF can be characterized and analyzed to ensure its safety for consumption in clinical studies.
Our expert speaker will cover how various analytical techniques – including microfluidic modulation spectroscopy – can confirm identity, assess purity and impurities, measure size and investigate the structure of rhLF, as well as compare it to native hLF.