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Genomic Atlas Identifies Druggable Proteins for Neurological Disorders

Genomic Atlas Identifies Druggable Proteins for Neurological Disorders content piece image

Genomic Atlas of the Proteome From Brain, CSF And Plasma Identifies Causal and Druggable Proteins Implicated for Neurological Disorders

Understanding the tissue-specific genetic architecture of protein levels is instrumental to understand the biology of neurodegenerative disease.

In order to generate a genomic atlas of protein levels in neurologically relevant tissues, Dr. Carlos Cruchaga and his team profiled thousands of proteins, and performed bioinformatic analyses to determine if any of the identified proteins are drugable.

Watch this webinar to hear Dr. Cruchaga discuss:

  • How existing drugs with the potential to slow or reverse brain damage were identified
  • The identification of causal proteins in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and stroke
  • The first multi-tissue study yielding hundreds of novel protein quantitative loci
Carlos Cruchaga
Carlos Cruchaga
B. Burton & R.M. Morriss III Professor of Psychiatry, Neurogenomics and Informatics Center Director, Washington University School of Medicine