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Software-assisted deformulation strategies

Software-assisted deformulation strategies content piece image

Deformulating complex samples from LC/MS or GC/MS data is a tricky proposition as there are many factors to consider. A software workflow built specifically for deformulation can therefore help considerably.

In this webinar, Richard Lee, Director of Core Technology and Capabilities at ACD/Labs, will outline their approach to deformulation software, including their workflow for data analysis, and how automation and databases can be used to organize your data for easy review and reanalysis.

In Richard's talk you will learn:

  • A four-step deformulation workflow
  • How ACD/Labs’ software simplifies component extraction
  • Approaches to identifying known compounds and known unknowns
  • How databasing your experimental results and analysis helps you share knowledge

Richard Lee
Richard Lee
Director, Core Technology and Capabilities, ACD/Labs