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Eliminate Problematic Polymorphs

Eliminate Problematic Polymorphs content piece image

Eliminate Problematic Polymorphs and Fast-Track Stable Solid Forms With X-Ray Powder Diffraction

Small molecule drugs have formed most pharmaceutical discoveries for over a century, however, approximately 40% of current active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are poorly soluble, along with around 90% of drugs in development.

When working with poorly soluble and often poorly permeable molecules, it is essential to carry out thorough solid form analysis to discover and properly characterize all crystalline and amorphous forms, as well as any solvates, salts and cocrystals. In this way, substances with better bioavailability can be identified.

Download this whitepaper to learn how X-ray powder diffraction can help you:

  • Select APIs with enhanced bioavailability and stability
  • Identify and exclude polymorphs that may reduce a drug’s efficacy or safety
  • Ensure that all relevant polymorphs are included in the patent