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IntelliQube® Real-Time Quantitative PCR Performance

The IntelliQube is a fully integrated liquid handling and real-time quantitative PCR instrument optimized for use with miniaturized reactions in 768-well Array Tape®. The performance characteristics of this innovative instrument were determined by running a series of PCR-based experiments with human genomic DNA calibrated against the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard reference material (SRM) and measured with the ValidPrime® human genome specific assay, and a commercially available alien DNA spike, which is a commonly used internal amplification control. Our analysis concluded that the IntelliQube performed exceedingly well for common measures of instrument performance such as Cq uniformity, dynamic range, and resolution. Deviation between replicates was minimal, dynamic range was sufficiently wide, and the ability to confidently resolve small changes between sample populations was high.

Douglas Scientific in collaboration with TATAA Biocenter