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Multiplex Genotyping of Human Reference DNA Samples with Pharmacologically Important Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms using the IntelliQube® from Douglas Scientific

Genetic analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) must be accurate, reliable, and economical to be a viable part of human genetic research, drug discovery, and diagnostics. To address these needs, Douglas Scientific has developed the IntelliQube, a fully integrated liquid handling and real-time quantitative PCR instrument, optimized for use with miniaturized reactions in 384- and 768-well Array Tape®. In addition to decreased reaction volumes, the IntelliQube offers users the ability to multiplex SNP assays and shorten thermal cycling times leading to profound reagent and time savings. The study described here demonstrates the efficacy, flexibility, and economic advantages of the IntelliQube for genetic testing. Custom BHQplus® probe-based SNP genotyping assays were used to analyze human reference DNA samples for two pharmacologically significant SNPs. Standard and fast thermal cycling conditions were compared in parallel to test the ability to examine two SNP targets in a single well. The results produced using the IntelliQube matched those previously published for all SNPs and samples included in the study.