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Picking the Right CRISPR System for Your Research

Picking the Right CRISPR System for Your Research content piece image

The applications of CRISPR gene-editing technology are ever-expanding. Much of the versatility of the CRISPR system comes from the CRISPR-associated protein or Cas protein, the molecular scissors that recognize and cut specific pieces of DNA.

Since the initial discovery of what would become known as CRISPR, six major types and more than 22 subtypes of Cas proteins have been identified. Perhaps the best known is Cas9 - the original gene-editing enzyme, Cas12 is a more recent addition to the CRISPR pantheon, gathering particular interest for its potential use in diagnostics.

Download this app note to discover:

  • What the major differences are between Cas9 and Cas12
  • What is right for your research?