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SNP Genotyping of Field Corn Samples with LGC Genomics Chemistry on the Nexar® System

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) genotyping must be accurate, reliable, and cost-effective for agricultural marker-assisted selection and genomic selection programs to fully benefit from SNP analysis during the breeding process. To address these needs, Douglas Scientific® developed the Nexar System, a flexible and automated high-capacity laboratory system for rapid processing of PCR-based SNP genotype analysis in miniaturized reaction volumes. The study described here demonstrates the efficacy and economic advantages of the Nexar System for agricultural breeding programs. 

Eighty-eight field corn seeds were genotyped for four high-quality, polymorphic SNPs using crude DNA extracts and two PCR-based SNP genotyping methods—KASP™ chemistry and probe-based assays with KlearKall™ Master Mix. Both methods produced 100% call rates and matching genotypes for all replicates of each sample.