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Using siRNA Reagents that Achieve Long-Term Gene Silencing

Using siRNA Reagents that Achieve Long-Term Gene Silencing content piece image

Developing a thorough understanding of a gene’s contribution to a particular phenotype is problematic when the protein has an extended half-life or the phenotype under study requires days to materialize. Under these circumstances, reagents that induce long-term gene silencing are needed to sufficiently deplete internal cellular stores for extended periods of time. To address this need, we have developed Dharmacon Accell siRNA reagents, with novel modifications enabling uptake by cells without the aid of lipid transfection reagents.


Download this app note to discover a solution that:

  • Provide extended duration gene knockdown with only minimal effects on cell viability
  • Greatly broadens the range of biologic questions and cell types that can be investigated by researchers using RNA interference