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Gloved hand of a lab worker holding four test tubes of blood.

Extended Blood Typing Needed for Improving Transfusion Safety

Explore how high-throughput DNA-based genotyping can offer a cost-effective way to screen extended blood types.
Scatter graph showing the correlation between students' chemistry and math scores.

Spearman Rank Correlation

In this article, we will explore the theory, assumptions and interpretation of Spearman’s rank correlation, a flexible statistical tool that assesses the strength and direction of the relationship between two quantitative, ranked variables.
A young baby curled up asleep in the hands of a man and a woman.

Mycotoxin Exposure and Early Life Gut Microbiome Development in Nigerian Neonates and Infants

Interactions between mycotoxins and the gut microbiome are complex and can contribute to their impact. Nigerian mother–infant dyads were recruited to investigate potential influences of mycotoxins' on the gut microbiota during early development.
Illustration of data that may be analyzed by Fisher's exact test, here icons represent males and females voting for and against.

The Fisher’s Exact Test

In this article, we explore the theory, assumptions and interpretation of the Fisher’s exact test, used to investigate associations between two categorical, binary variables with small sample sizes, and take you through a worked example.
A microplate containing tumoroids, zoomed in image of the individual wells and further magnification of the GEP-NENs tumoroid

Unveiling Novel Therapeutic Targets for Neuroendocrine Cancers: A Precision Medicine Breakthrough

With limited therapeutic options available, scientists have been addressing a compelling need to explore personalized approaches for high-grade gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms (GEP-NENs) that could revolutionize patient care.
A picture that reads "AI et al."

AI in Science Publication: The Good, the Bad and the Questionable

We take a deep dive into the current guides and policies for using AI-assisted technologies in scientific data generation and publication, asking: what does the future look like?
Gloved hand holding a centrifuge tube in front of a screen displaying sequencing data.

How Automation Can Support Increasing Demand for Next-Generation Sequencing

Exploding interest in NGS increases the pressure on researchers to find new ways to improve the efficiency of the process. Explore why NGS library preparation is a prime candidate for improvement and how automation is the key to making this process more efficient.
Group of female scientists standing together in a laboratory.

Reversing the Tide To Provide More Opportunity for Women in STEM

How do we reverse the tide and break down the barriers that are impeding women and girls in STEM? Courtney Noah explores the possible solutions in this opinion piece.
Artistic representation of an antibody-producing plasma cell helping to fight invading pathogens.

B Cells, Memory B Cells and Plasma Cells: B Cell Activation, Development and the B Cell Receptor

The adaptive immune system is highly specific. In this article, we focus on B cells, and discuss their development, their roles and what happens when they don’t function as they should.
Representation of DNA.

Genetic Tuning: The Next Frontier of Genetic Medicine

Discover how genetic tuning differs from gene editing and other modalities of genetic medicine and how the ability to fine-tune genes will transform precision medicine.