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Latest Articles

A young couple and an old couple stand on either side of a large hourglass.

The Power and Potential of Epigenetic Aging Clocks

In this article, we take a deep dive into the world of epigenetic aging clocks, finding out what they are, what they can tell us and how they might be applied in future.
Field of wheat.

Precision Breeding Act: How New Legislation and Genomic Technology Will Sustainably Feed Our World

In this opinion piece, Neil Ward discusses how the passing of the Genetic Technology "Precision Breeding" Bill could support global efforts to increase food production sustainably.
Open laptop with a metabolomics workflow and output displayed on the screen, next to which one of the investigators is seated.

Multidimensional Mass Spectrometry and Machine Learning: A Recipe for Richer Metabolomics

A new metabolomics workflow has been developed that combines state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, which generates information-rich data, with a novel machine learning-based algorithm tailored to process it.
Microscope image.

Improving Image Integrity in Scientific Papers

This article sheds light on the issue of image integrity in academic publishing and gives advice on how to reduce the risk.
Illuminated strand of DNA.

Building the Bioeconomy Requires Addressing Biosecurity Globally

In this opinion piece, Sophie Peresson explores the need for greater visibility globally on biosecurity issues and strategic leadership from multiple stakeholders to drive the conversation around standards and best practices.
3D C,G,T and A letters representing sequencing.

Redefining Cancer-Free With ctDNA

In this article, we dive into MRD and how it promises to both address an unmet need in the care of cancer patients and ultimately help patients live longer lives with less uncertainty.
Signpost with arrow of the Union Jack pointing left and EU flag pointing right.

The Impact of UK Collaboration in Life Sciences

In this opinion piece, Jan Wauters discusses why collaboration in science is so important and what the Windsor Framework could mean for research in Europe.
An image depicting artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT: It’s Not the End of the World as We Know It

In this op-ed article, Michael Kinch explains his optimism around ChatGPT which, in his words, centers around the possibility that we as a society might start to question "claims" and "truths" that we encounter daily.
A child jumps under a skipping rope held by their parents.

“A Second Chance at Life”: Can Gene Therapies Beat Rare Disease?

A revolutionary gene therapy has become a transformative treatment for children with metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD). But substantial barriers to access for this groundbreaking therapy remain.
Illustration of plasmid DNA being dispensed from a pipette tip onto a cell culture for transfection.

An Introduction to Transfection, Transfection Protocol and Applications

In this article, we discuss the fundamentals of transfection, provide an overview of some of the commonly employed methods and a sample protocol. Finally, we consider some of the key applications of transfection.