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Teach Me in 10, the video series brought to you by LabTube – part of the Technology Networks group – challenges scientists to discuss a scientific research topic, method or concept in 10-minutes or less.

Our industry episodes are either technology, product or service focused. We invite you to explore the further reading and resources provided in the video description if you want to learn more about the content shared in the video – it's as easy as that.

Immune EVaders: The Next Generation Therapeutic Agent With Amy Kauffman

This Teach Me in 10 will cover what EVs are, the therapeutic promise they hold as well as guidance on how to culture and scale. 

Keeping Our Drinking Water Safe – New Regulations, New Contaminants and How IC-MS Can Help With Dr. Detlef Jensen

In this episode of Teach Me in 10, Dr. Detlef Jensen provides an explanation as to what is changing in drinking water regulations around Europe and what this means for labs, as well as teaching us ways to analyze HAAs and DBPs.⁠

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in STEM With Jeanita Pritchett

In this episode of Teach Me in 10, Dr. Jeanita Pritchett, who has a deep-rooted passion for helping others find excitement in STEM and considers herself a "Jane of All Trades", will speak about what diversity means and why DEI policies and practices are an important factor in optimizing the science ecosystem.

High-Throughput and High-Content Screening in Organoids and 3D Models With Michiel Fokkelman

In this Teach Me In 10 episode, we are joined by Michiel Fokkelman, head of high throughput screening at Crown Bioscience. We discuss the concept and definitions of high content imaging, both for 2D and 3D cell culture systems.

Isolation and Functional Validation of Quiescent Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells With Joseph Regan

In this Teach Me In 10 episode, one of Corning’s customers, Dr. Joseph Regan, shares information from a recently published protocol for the isolation and functional validation of label-retaining quiescent colorectal cancer stem cells from patient-derived organoids for RNA-seq.

Simple Plex for Neurofilament Research and Other Neuroscience Biomarkers 

For this Teach Me in 10 episode, we speak with Bio-Techne Scientist Yoav Noam, to learn how Simple Plex immunoassays save time and precious samples compared to other immunoassay platforms.

Yoav discusses his career journey and research at Bio-Techne, as well as the challenges that neuroscientists face when evaluating biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases.

The Challenges of Transitioning to Lab Management 

In this Teach Me in 10 we hear from Scott Hanton, editorial director at Lab Manager, to learn more about the Lab Manager Academy platform.

By watching this video, you’ll understand how the platform is making helping lab professionals lead with more success and confidence. 

Screening in Drug Discovery

In this Teach Me in 10, we are joined by Richard Cuthbert, global commercialization product manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories.

We discuss some of the challenges associated with high-throughput screening technologies and the benefits of flow cytometry. We also debate how recent advancements in the field have vastly increased the throughput capabilities which can be further enhanced by integrating robotic work cells, making it a viable prospect as a screening technology.

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About RNA Production and LNP Formulation, but Were Too Afraid To Ask


eTheRNA Manufacturing, a specialist RNA process developer and manufacturing member of the Belgian eTheRNA group, offers RNA manufacturing and LNP formulation.

In this Teach Me in 10, eTheRNA’s COO and Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Bernard Sagaert, provides you with an overview of RNA and LNP, what resources eTheRNA Manufacturing provides for your needs and why it is one of the finest suppliers in this field.

Top Tips for Antibodies and Flow Cytometry

In this episode of Teach Me in 10, Lucy Lawrence is joined by the Global Product Manager of Applications and Flow Reagents at Bio-Rad Laboratories, Dr. Chris Brampton.

Chris covers the basics of antibodies, the reasons why you need flow cytometry–specific antibodies and some basic best practices to achieve improved data and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for flow cytometry experiments.

Techniques for Harvesting Adherent Cells

 Harvesting your cells is an important step in maintaining healthy cultures. Good technique will lead to a healthy single-cell suspension. In this episode of Teach Me in 10, we're joined by Hilary Sherman, senior scientist at Corning Life Sciences.

There are many harvesting options depending on the cell line and application. In this video, we will discuss some tips and tricks for harvesting cells.

Introducing Primer Extension Target Enrichment for NGS With Brian Godwin

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment methods provide solutions to focus on and sequence a small portion of the human genome. In this Teach Me in 10, Brian Godwin, director of reagent and assay development at Roche Sequencing, joins Lucy Lawrence to give us an overview of how three target enrichment technologies work.

Powered and Prepared for Your Next Label-Free Challenge With Dr. Helge Schnerr

Label-free protein analysis offers unique advantages for characterizing the biomolecular interaction kinetics of therapeutic candidates. Sartorius Octet® Label-Free Platform has become an industry leader for its bio-layer interferometry (BLI)-based systems for label-free, real-time analysis. Recently, the platform has expanded, which is the focus of this Teach Me in 10 featuring Dr. Helge Schnerr,  global campaign manager at Sartorius. 

Convenient, Fast and Easy Density Measurements Directly From Your Laboratory Balance With Wallace Harvey

In this Teach Me in 10 episode, Wallace Harvey will provide instruction on how Sartorius Cubis II balances can be utilized to determine the density of solids and liquids accurately and easily.

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