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Introducing Enhanced Rheometers
Industry Insight

Introducing Enhanced Rheometers

Introducing Enhanced Rheometers
Industry Insight

Introducing Enhanced Rheometers

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Rheometers are commonly used by material scientists in R&D, quality control and academic research for measuring the flow of a liquid. The new generation of HAAKE MARS 40 and 60 rheometers have a number of added features for improved accuracy, ease of use and future expansion. Equipped with Connect Assist technology – a feature that provides real-time feedback – the improved rheometers make it much easier for users to set up sample testing procedures with minimal errors.

To discuss these new systems in greater detail we spoke to Birgit Schroeder, Product Line Director, Laboratory Instruments, Material Characterization Products, Thermo Scientific.

JR: Thermo Scientific have recently introduced their latest modular rheometers; the HAAKE MARS 40 and 60. What new features do these instruments deliver?

BS: The Thermo ScientificTM HAAKETM MARSTM 40 and 60 rheometers are equipped with the “Connect Assist” functionality, which recognizes measuring geometry accessories and the temperature control module automatically once they are plugged in. The rotor is removed with the click of a button or as part of an automated job routine.

In order to support our users, additional application information has been incorporated into our Thermo ScientificTMHAAKETM RheoWinTM software. The RheoWin Software consists of 1.) the RheoWin JobManager program for creating fully automated measuring and analysis routines with direct report printout or data export, 2.) the RheoWin DataManager for interactive data display, comparison and evaluation as well 3.) the RheoWin UserManager for comprehensive system administration regarding control of user access and assignment of specific access rights.

As part of the JobManager program the customer can select from a menu of predefined methods (Jobs) with explanations and user guidance. All predefined measuring Jobs include comprehensive test explanations along with application related information such as application-specific reports, supporting customer Job routine definitions.

JR: How will these new instruments benefit researchers?

BS: The HAAKE MARS rheometer offers several benefits to our customers. Just to name three distinct advantages.

1. Modular Design: The HAAKE MARS with its easily configurable design offers maximum flexibility for application-specific or advanced testing needs due to its broad range of accessories and the open platform. This allows the users to connect customized technologies to meet today’s changing requirements and adapt to innovative technologies of the future.

2. Gain Insight into Rheological Property Changes: Customers can determine what drives changes in the rheological properties of their samples by combining the HAAKE MARS’s powerful mechanical analysis with information about what’s happening on the microscopic or even molecular level. Easy-to-use FT-IR or microscopy modules connect quickly to the rheometer for hybrid analyses.

3. Experience Seamless Methods Transfer: For our customers it is important to shorten time to market with fast connections between Research & Development and Quality Control workflows. With the HAAKE MARS they can optimize their research in the lab, and easily transfer the established methods directly to the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ rheometer platform for routine QA/QC testing or continue using the HAAKE MARS for more advanced test methods.

JR: These new systems utilise Connect Assist technology which was introduced in the HAAKE Viscometer iQ rheometer. How does this technology help to make sample handling simple and efficient whilst also minimising errors?

BS: The workflow is optimized with reduced handling time using quick-fit couplings for the HAAKE MARS accessories and measuring geometries. This aspect makes it fast and easy to change configurations to study different sample types by loading sample materials easily and exchanging the measuring geometries after each sample test. With the “Connect Assist” technology the measuring geometry and temperature module are recognized automatically. This information is not only displayed on the instrument itself but is also transferred to the RheoWin JobManager, which is used for defining the measuring routine. The system compares the attached geometry with the pre-defined Job settings, and in case of a mismatch, the user is immediately alerted. This function helps the user ensure that the correct geometry is used for a specific sample test, thus minimizing user errors.

JR: Could you tell us about some of the applications of these instruments within the fields of advanced quality control and academic research?

BS: The HAAKE MARS rheometer platform with its wide variety of modules and accessories, can be adapted for application-specific or advanced testing needs when investigate formulation development and , process optimization in Research & and Development or for advanced QC testing required for releasing starting materials or final products manufactured by the polymers, petrochemicals, coatings, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals markets.

Birgit Schroeder was speaking to Jack Rudd, Editor for Technology Networks.