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Technology Networks Explores the CRISPR Revolution – Coming Soon

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We are pleased to announce Technology Networks Explores the CRISPR Revolution.

Through a series of exclusive interviews with world-renowned scientists and bioethicists, Technology Networks Explores the CRISPR Revolution will investigate the ground-breaking research taking place in the CRISPR space, CRISPR "controversies" and whether the CRISPR technology looks set to fulfil its promise of revolutionizing science.

The series will feature interviews with researchers behind the discovery of the CRISPR mechanism, such as Professor Francisco Mojica, the scientist involved its development as a gene-editing tool, Professor Jennifer Doudna, and the "godfather" of human genome research, Professor George Church.

The series will also explore the latest technologies available in the CRISPR "toolbox" including industry perspectives, its application in agriculture and farming through a conversation with Professor Alison Van Eenennaam and insights into the global conversation surrounding its ethical implications from Professor Glenn Cohen.

Kicking off the series on Oct 14th is an interview with the humble and immensely influential microbiologist, Professor Francisco Mojica.

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Molly Campbell
Molly Campbell
Senior Science Writer