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Senior Science Writer

Kate has a BSc in Microbiology from the University of Manchester and a PhD in virology from the University of Edinburgh. Following this, she completed a post-doc at the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford, developing vaccines for neglected tropical diseases including dengue and zika viruses. She later moved to a lectureship position at the University of Chester, teaching immunology as well as initiating a research project examining the immunology of pregnancy and breast milk. Realising that her passion lay in science communication and public engagement rather than in the lab, Kate made the leap into science writing in 2022. She now works at Technology Networks as a senior science writer, where she is responsible for the creation of custom written content.

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Published Content
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Gloved hands hold a 96 well plate

Current and Emerging Applications of ELISAs

Download this listicle to explore the uses of ELISAs in clinical diagnostics and epidemiology, biopharmaceutical and vaccine development, food safety analysis, environmental analysis and forensics.
Artistic representation of an antibody-producing plasma cell helping to fight invading pathogens.

B Cells, Memory B Cells and Plasma Cells: B Cell Activation, Development and the B Cell Receptor

The adaptive immune system is highly specific. In this article, we focus on B cells, and discuss their development, their roles and what happens when they don’t function as they should.
A healthcare worker tends to a patient receiving treatment in the hospital.

Improving Cancer Patient Care With Professor Mark Lawler

Precision medicine and immunotherapy have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment, but challenges must be addressed to ensure their smooth integration into clinical practice.
Computer generated image of a person's face in a nebulous cloud

Exploring Psychedelics With Boris Heifets

Technology Networks invited Dr. Heifets, assistant professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about psychedelics.
A lit up image of a battery, in space, with the earth in the background

Discovering the Future of Batteries in Space and Aeronautics With Brianne DeMattia

Technology Networks invited Brianne DeMattia, research electrical engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about the future of battery research.
Towards more sustainable labs

Towards More Sustainable Labs

Download this infographic to learn about the steps labs are taking to reduce their environmental footprint, critical success factors in achieving sustainability and how instrument and service providers can help.
Cancer cells with a blood suppy

Exploring Spatial Biology With Dr. Nigel Jamieson

Technology Networks invited Dr. Nigel Jamieson, clinical senior lecturer and honorary hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about spatial biology.
Vaccine vials overlaid with blue lines and circles to represent a data network.

Accelerating Vaccine Development With Automation

This article will outline how automation is currently adopted in vaccine development, including workflows and methods to improve efficiency. In addition, it will explore future opportunities to implement automation when developing vaccines.
T cells.

Immune Cartographers: The Scientists Mapping the Immune Cell Atlas

This article will discuss progress on the development of the Immune Cell Atlas, the different techniques and technologies contributing to its development and some of the interesting findings that are coming out of the project.
The Entourage Effect: Thinking Beyond THC With Sean Haghgou content piece image

The Entourage Effect: Thinking Beyond THC With Sean Haghgou

In this episode, we speak with Sean Haghgou, integrated sciences specialist at Green Scientific Labs.