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Editorial Guidelines and Submissions

At Technology Networks, we are committed to exploring the science that matters to you.

We welcome submissions that align with the editorial style of our publication and fall within the scope of Technology Networks’ scientific communities. Our goal is to provide content that is not only engaging and informative but also relevant to the interests and needs of our readers.

Contributed content must be original and the author’s own work. Any use of others’ data, words, or imagery requires proper permission and appropriate citation.

Publication of all submitted materials is subject to approval by Technology Networks' editorial team.

Contributed Articles

Scientific Insights

Scientific Insights are designed to cover advances in a field or provide readers with a broad perspective of a particular topic. You could discuss current trends and how a field is evolving, or explore recent research developments.


An op-ed – short for “opposite the editorial page” – is a written piece of content that expresses the opinion of the author. Op-eds must have a clearly defined angle and point of view. We welcome thought-provoking pieces that stimulate discussion and reflection within the scientific community.

Expert Perspectives

Expert Perspectives are designed to provide readers with practical, relevant insights on a specific analytical technique or technological approach. You could highlight a new development, discuss its application in a specific industry, offer practical advice to users, or delve into regulatory changes that impact analytical laboratory operations.

Download our submission guidelines

Research Spotlight: Disseminate Your Research With Us

Technology Networks is committed to helping researchers raise the profile of their work, get their papers seen by a wider audience and increase coverage of some of the fantastic research papers out there that may not get much media attention.

Contribute a short, original article summarizing the key motivations, results and impacts of your recent research paper. We appreciate this can be a daunting task, so to simplify the process, we’ve created a free downloadable template to guide you.

Download our research spotlight guide

Press Releases

Technology Networks republishes press releases that provide genuine value to our readers and the wider scientific community. The decision to publish press releases is at the discretion of Technology Networks ’ editorial team. If you have a press release focused on new research, product developments/launches, or scientific business news, you can get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Academic and Industry Insights

Have you made a breakthrough in your research or simply have a great story to tell? If so, please get in touch as we might be interested in interviewing you for one of our original pieces.


Technology Networks hosts a science video series – Teach Me in 10 – where we invite academic researchers to discuss their research, or a science-related concept or method, in 10 minutes or less. The video series aims to increase accessibility to interesting science. If you’re interested in submitting a video, you can get in touch via our Contact Us page.