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Latest Infographics

Nucleic acid tubes on a laptop screen

Your Guide to Mastering Magnetic Bead Characteristics

This infographic deciphers how each characteristic influences magnetic bead separation and explores strategies to achieve optimal performance.
The Genetic Basis of Cancer infographic snippet

The Genetic Basis of Cancer

Cancer is inherently a genetic disease, and advances in our knowledge of the genetic basis of cancer can help to guide earlier diagnosis and improve treatments to benefit patients.
Multiomics infographic

Unlocking the Complexity of Biology With Multiomics

Exploring the connections between individual omics disciplines provides us with a deeper understanding of complex biological systems.

Fragment Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis

Fragment analysis is a powerful genetic analysis technique with simple, straightforward workflows. This technology can be used for a wide variety of DNA sizing applications and is a flexible and effective technique that allows you to multiplex and analyze multiple samples in parallel.

Total FFPE Prep

Get More Out of Your Paired Sequencing

This infographic showcases a new combined, single-tube prep workflow that simultaneously generates DNA and RNA libraries from a single input formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) sample.

The Best Tools for DNA and RNA Quantification

Nucleic acid quantification (NAQ) is the process of determining the concentration of DNA or RNA in a sample. Accurate NAQ is crucial in various molecular biology applications, including PCR, sequencing, cloning and gene expression analysis.
Unravel the Secrets of Human Disease With Next-Generation Protein Sequencing

Unravel the Secrets of Human Disease With Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™

This infographic highlights the role of next-generation protein sequencing as a standout technique for researchers seeking a versatile solution.
Genome Editing Image

Genome Editing

Download this infographic to learn more about different tools that enable gene editing and why scientists want to edit the genome.
RNA Therapetuics

RNA Therapeutics

From mRNA vaccines to RNA interference (RNAi) and beyond, discover how RNA therapeutics are reshaping the landscape of genetic medicine.
Infographic snippet

Tips and Tricks for PCR Success

This infographic explores how to set yourself up for success with expert tips for each stage of the PCR workflow.