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ACGT to Provide Overnight DNA Sequencing Services to Chicago-Based Researchers

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ACGT, Inc. has announced that its new accelerated DNA sequencing turnaround time exclusively to Chicago area researchers.

With its “Rush” services, DNA samples prepared and ready for pickup in the afternoon will be collected and processed that day, with sequencing data available the following morning.

For Chicago-based researchers, the new service reduces their wait time by one day with the added convenience of a personal pickup, or DNA sample drop-off of at an on-campus drop box.

The new Rush service comes by way of ACGT’s recent addition of a second shift in its laboratory after regular business hours.

“Chicago is a great place for academic and medical research,” explains Heron Yu, Ph.D., the founder and President of ACGT, Inc., “It’s where I studied and worked as a researcher for over ten years. At ACGT, we’re proud of the work we’ve done for local universities, and we’re happy to offer them at no additional cost the same excellent service at a faster turnaround time.”