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Agilent Launches Life Science and Chemical Analysis Centers of Excellence

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced that it has launched a new product demonstration center at its Santa Clara, Calif., corporate headquarters, showcasing its life sciences and chemical analysis capabilities.

The Center of Excellence launch follows the opening of a similar center in Bangalore, India, and recent expansions of Agilent product demonstration centers in Paris, France; Manchester, U.K.; and Waldbronn, Germany.

Planned for late 2007 is another center in Little Falls, Delaware. Agilent also has Centers of Excellence specializing in life sciences and chemical analysis in Beijing, Shanghai and Hajiochi, Japan.

“These centers provide a one-stop customer experience highlighting our entire portfolio of products and services,” said Chris van Ingen, president, Agilent Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis.

“They demonstrate Agilent’s commitment to our customers and business partners as the premier measurement company. We look forward to working alongside our customers on the applications, proof of performance and product demonstrations that these Centers of Excellence will facilitate.”

Customers visiting the demonstration center will have the opportunity to interact with Agilent senior management and applications specialists.

They will be able to observe and participate in proof of performance for Agilent’s chemical and bioanalytical systems using their own samples in a state-of-the-art, fully equipped facility.

The 5,000-square-foot Santa Clara facility, for instance, houses a complete array of Agilent’s core platform products, including liquid and gas chromatography systems, LC and GC mass spectrometry systems and Agilent’s DNA Microarray Scanner, the centerpiece of the Agilent microarray platform.

The facility features multimedia-equipped conference rooms, a general wet lab, a proteomics prep lab, a genomics lab and an ICP-MS lab.

“These beautiful new facilities tremendously enhance the customer experience,” explained Danilo Cazzola, vice president, EMEA Sales Marketing and Service, referring to recent major renovations at three European Centers of Excellence.

“They greatly facilitate the sharing of ideas and knowledge.”