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Agilent Launches One-Step Setup RT-PCR Kit for Cloning, Gene Expression and Quantification

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced availability of the AffinityScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit. The launch of the AffinityScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit represents a re-entry into the one-step RT-PCR market for Agilent’s Stratagene Products Division with a solution for researchers performing end-point RT-PCR.

The AffinityScript One-Step RT-PCR Kit is a high-performance system for high-throughput RT-PCR in a one-step reaction. The kit is designed for easy one-step set-up for RT-PCR, and the simple format eliminates the potential for contamination when preparing multiple or high-throughput reactions. The kit targets researchers performing end-point RT-PCR reactions and provides high product yields and fidelity for applications such as cloning, gene detection, and quantification.

“This is the only RT-PCR kit on the market with fusion enzyme-based technology, enabling faster extension times, substantially reduced time-to-results, and increased sample throughput without compromising amplicon yields and template input sensitivity,” said Nick Price, Ph.D., product manager at Agilent Technologies.

The kit consists of AffinityScript RT and Herculase II Fusion DNA polymerase enabling multi-temperature RT, with higher activity than the leading competitor’s kits at all temperatures, and a robust amplification step to generate higher yields of cDNA with amplicons ranging from 500 bp to 9.6 kb.