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Alere Applauds President’s National Action Plan

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Alere Inc. has issued the following statement in support of President Barack Obama’s National Action Plan to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.

“As the global leader in rapid diagnostics for infectious disease, we commend President Barack Obama for establishing a National Action Plan with measurable goals and specific milestones to address the serious threat of antibiotic resistance. We look forward to continuing to work with the Administration on initiatives to promote the development of rapid point-of-care tests that, in turn, help reduce the misuse of antibiotics and unnecessary health care spending,” said Avi Pelossof, Alere Global President, Infectious Disease.

The National Action Plan to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria outlines Federal activities over the next five years to enhance domestic and international capacity to prevent and contain outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant infections; develop and deploy next-generation diagnostics, antibiotics, vaccines, and other therapeutics; and maintain the efficacy of current and new antibiotics.

For more information on the National Action Plan, go to

In partnership with the Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics (APUA), Alere has established Test. Target. Treat™, an antimicrobial stewardship initiative that provides tools and diagnostic strategies to support clinicians and increase global awareness of antibiotic resistance and effective interventions.