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Applied Biosystems Launches Genotyping Service Provider Program

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Applied Biosystems has announced that it has established a global genotyping service provider program for scientists interested in the study of how specific genetic variations may impact health or disease.

The SNPlex™ Service Provider Program was created for research laboratories that do not have access to capillary electrophoresis (CE) genetic analysis instrument systems.

The goal of the program is to provide these researchers with a comprehensive solution for genotyping research through the global service providers participating in the program.

The providers in the program include the Chinese National Human Genome Center (China); DNAVision (Belgium); IntegraGen, Inc. (France); Medical Solutions Geneservice (United Kingdom); the University of California at Los Angeles DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Core Facility (United States); and Vanderbilt University DNA Sequencing and Genotyping Facility (United States).

High-throughput genotyping services offered through the program will enable researchers to study large populations of individuals to gain an understanding of genetic areas of interest and further expand research into potentially finding cures for a variety of diseases that include cancer, heart disease and diabetes, among others.

The program members will provide assistance with medium to large-scale genotyping research, such as validation or fine mapping studies that require obtaining high-throughput single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data. SNPs are variations in DNA sequence that are believed to affect how diseases develop and determine how a drug may affect a particular disorder.

The SNPlex Service Provider Program is based on the SNPlex™ Genotyping System, which consists of custom designed assays, universal core reagents, analysis software, and fully supported system documentation that are optimized for the use on Applied Biosystems’ CE platforms. The program provides a broad range of support, including planning, sample extraction, genotyping, data interpretation and statistical analysis through the participating service providers.

The Chinese National Human Genome Center has used the SNPlex genotyping system in conjunction with Applied Biosystems’ CE sequencing platforms to lead many national and international genomics research projects related to large scale DNA sequencing, functional genomics, proteomics, and SNP detection.

“The Chinese National Human Genome Center has undertaken many projects in screening candidate genes for disease associations in pedigrees or populations and in our experience the SNPlex System is ideal for this kind of research,” said Dr. WeiZhi Chen, M.D. and chief technology officer at the Chinese National Human Genome Center.

“Our involvement in this program demonstrates our commitment to delivering highly customized genotyping services to the research community.”

Further information about the SNPlex Service Provider Program is available at http://info.appliedbiosystems.com/snplex.